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  • Jerashi Flexible Packaging Co. established in 2015, as an expansion of the Jerashi Printing House which founded in 1993 in Bethlehem.
  • After years of extensive market research and development, our management team has found a promising opportunity to fulfill the Innovative Flexible Packaging and Design Solution needs in the Palestinian market which depends mainly on imported from outside, where we seek to be the best full-capacity flexible packaging solutions in Palestine and enter the global market. JFP has adopted technologies and capacity to serve the Palestinian small businesses up to huge manufacturers of food and non-food sectors with highest quality and service standards.



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Flexible Packaging Solution

We work to provide a full range of innovative flexible packaging solution by the best application suitable for the products type and based on our customer needs and requirements.

Flexible Packaging Design

The long-term experience of our team in the field of packaging design services will help to exceed your expectation whether you are interested in creating a new one or modifying the original design.

Production Proccess


We work alongside your designer to assure package art is optimized; the color targets are established to ensure that our print matches your designer’s concept.

Flexo Plate Proof

Use HD Flexo as a new standard for flexographic printing plates to assure optimal printing solution


CI- 8-Color flexographic printing press achieves tremendous results. Inspection camera that allows us to actively monitor print quality by taking continuous snapshots of the web coupled with an intelligent, automated ink dispensing system that records all ink information for later jobs as well as quality and environmental information, our printing department is an industry leader.


The technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so the composite material achieves improve strength, stability, appearance and other properties from the use of different materials.


Slitting is the final step in the production process for most roll-stock flexible packaging material and entails that a large “master roll” is cut to its final width.

Shrink Sleeve & Sleeve cut

Sleeve forming and gluing machines consist of several modules chosen by the customer in accordance with his needs. The main module for sleeve forming is unique. With the Sleevecut can meet most of their customers’ requirements.

Pre Made Bags and Pouches

The newest technologies and equipment in the pouching processes allow us helping our customers to become competitive on the market and to have success in their business.


The technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so the composite material achieves improve strength, stability, appearance and other properties from the use of different materials.

Why JFP?

Jerashi Flexible Packaging

We are reliable professionals, providing innovative solutions with cost effective even with short runs, all your desired needs can be defined, analyzed, designed and produced in our house with delivery on time under ISO & HACCA standards with environment sustainability consideration in our production processes. No matter what your unique packaging requirement, JERASHI team will guide you through the process of developing your ideal flexible packaging solution and produce it to meet your exact need


Converting flexible packaging market represents one of the most complex and dynamic markets, when it comes to packaging of commercial products, most companies want the best of all possible words : an eye catching package that offers: aesthetics and attractive design, a extend protection for the product; improved sustainability; and consumer convenience. At JERASHI we can help you evaluate your choices when it comes to find the suitable packaging solution for your product.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed for constant monitoring of our factory activities. This monitoring system allows us to know the limits of our production processes and prevent any potential impact on the environment. We aim with this system to improve energy saving; optimization of consumption for production and as well as using different methods of disposal and recycling of chemical waste. Respect for the environment is respect for every living being, To effectively reduce the impact of its production processes the company has invested and will continue to invest in:

  • 2016/2017 ISO certifications
  • 2019 solvent recovery machine
  • 2019 compact machine for plastic waste
  • 2019/2020 solar panel energy system

On-Time Delivery

We understand that deadlines are very tangible in general, that’s why we make certain every order is delivered on time relentlessly


One important strength is that we are responsible for all stages of development and production. Of the packaging product. All we need from customer is the idea and description of the packaging product they desire. We develop and produce the packaging product, starting from defining the need of the product, selecting suitable packaging materials, as well as designing and manufacturing to the final packaging product. Our services make it easier for customers to save time, effort and cost

Short Run

The need of our local market and its tendency to produce small quantities as well as the size of the market, have been the main trigger for our company to provide the latest equipment and technical expertise to suit all sizes of production, as the local market consists mostly of small and medium enterprises. We are contributing to supporting small businesses to compete with their peers through price and quality.


JERASHI Co. provides a comprehensive range of flexible packaging technologies to the market. For the purpose of improving the operational performance of our customers’ production line; increasing sales and prolonging the life of the product, as well as enhancing easy access to customers’. Innovation is a cornerstone of our past success and is our future growth strategy.

Quality and food safety

JERASHI has gained a reputation in flexible packaging manufacturing over the past three year, through a team of highly skilled engineers and mechanical operators, using and following strict G.M.P instructions recommended by ISO 22000 which implicitly include HACCAP Certificates


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Beverage W.A. Labels

Beverage W.A. Labels

Collation Shrink Films 6 bottles

Collation Shrink Films

Collation Shrink Films 24 cans

Collation Shrink Films

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Cup Lids

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Cup Lids

Wet Wipe

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Other industrial Sectors

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Pallet Stretch Films

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Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink Sleeve labels (Roll)

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Tissue & Paper Towel

Other industrial Sectors


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